Published on April 06, 2021

Dr. Dattatraya Prajapati is retiring this month

Dr. Dattatraya

After nearly 40 years of service to Owensboro Health, oncologist Dr. Dattatraya Prajapati is retiring this month. Prajapati was instrumental in the opening of the new Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center in 2005. “It’s really exciting,” he said in a news article on the day the center opened. “It’s almost like a dream come true.” He believed patients should be able to be treated in Owensboro instead of having to travel to other facilities, and the cancer center would feature the latest diagnosis and treatment technology, he said then.

Since then, he’s treated numerous cancer patients in the new facility and earned the respect of the community. Owensboro Health is grateful for his dedication and we wish him the best during his retirement.

See below to read the well wishes left on Facebook for him: 

Congratulations, Dr. P! You earned it! I worked for you as my first job for 6 years and you taught me so much! You are truly such an amazing person and Doctor. I admire you and wish you nothing but the best! ❤ - Paige Prater

Thank you for your many years of service...time to be with family - Martha Kaelin Payne

Dr. Prajapati - I started on night shift on the Oncology Unit in 1983. For the next 25 years I really hated having to wake you up at 2 or 3:00 in the morning, which happened from what I can count at least 1200 times. I hated waking you up, but I never dreaded doing it because you never ever fussed at me. You listened to my problem, gave me the perfect answer, and that was it. I know I never told you enough how much that kind of interaction means to night shift nurses. I was blessed to benefit from your knowledge and your interactions with your patients. Enjoy your retirement - and your freedom from 3 am calls! - Carol Wright

Congratulations! You will be missed. Thanks for help keeping me alive for 12 years! Have a great retirement! - Jane McPherson

Thank you!! - Sheila Clark Ulmer

You provided spectacular care to my mother for years. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work! - June King

Congratulations! We wish you the very best. Thank you for all the care you’ve shown my family. Enjoy all that retirement has to offer!! - Laverne Whittaker Burns

Dr. Prajapati is a wonderful doctor. He took care of my mother back in 1987.He was very caring as a doctor. I worked for Hospice in the early 90s and he was Medical Director he always was so supportive to our Staff and the families we served. Hate to see him retire such an asset to our community. Best wishes in your retirement - Becky Atherton

It’s been a pleasure to work with you. I think you are the first oncologist in Owensboro and can be proud of your impact on the care of cancer patients. Congratulations on your retirement .Hope your future will be blessed with years of good health, special time with Rita, grandchildren, and great days on the golf course. Congratulations. - Bonnie Roberts

Thank you Dr for giving my mother the courage to accept chemotherapy. It’s been 15 years for her and she’s still cancer free! - Erika M Vandiver

Enjoy your retirement! Thank you for caring for my grandmother many years ago. Because of you, she got to meet my kids! - Jill Spencer Miller

Congratulations! Enjoy your retirement! You will certainly be missed.....but, you deserve every enjoyable moment ahead of you.....💕 - Esther Jansing

Congratulations - Mandy Logsdon

Thank you for my care over the last seven years! Go Yankees and I hope you make it to the Masters! From Jim DeJarnette - Sandra Shrewsberry

Congrats! 🎉❤ Enjoy! - Lyndi Elliott Khanna

Thank you Dr Prajapati! Enjoy your retirement! - Brende Lott

Congratulations and thank you so much for taking such good care of my father James Cecil. You’re the best! - Trina Webb

Thank you for a lifetime of dedication! It will not be the same without you, and who will Kim argue with?! 😂 Enjoy! You deserve it! - Ginny Foster Pierson

Dr. Prajapati, remembering back to when we would argue over cell morphology - you were “almost” always right! Congrats on your retirement. - Bev Coke

I remember when you first came to Owensboro. I worked in the lab at the Hospital. You are a great Physician and will be missed. Best wishes! - Alice Welsh

Happy Retirement Dr. Prajapati!!! Enjoy!! - Donna Stephen Rudy

Congratulations!!! Thank you for the many years of service to our community. You are an amazing physician that will be greatly missed!! Enjoy your well deserved retirement!!! - Tamara Rhodes

Thank you for taking care of my father in law Jerry Coots for 28 years.....he loved you! ❤️ - Sara Brian Coots

Congratulations - Mary Jo Lindsey

Congrats and many well wishes on your retirement Dr. P! - Richard Sanchez

Thank you for your dedication and compassion. May God bless you. Enjoy your retirement. - Dipika Naik

Congratulations on your retirement! - Tammy Stroud

Congratulations, Dr. P. Our family thanks you for saving my son. You’re a wonderful person! Enjoy your retirement!🎉 - Lori Wolfe Taylor

Congratulations Dr. P. I loved working with you! Can always remember you telling me and Lea Carol King you were gonna throw us out the windows for parking... Enjoy your retirement - Melissa Gail

Congratulations 🎉 - Dawn Davis Allen

I wish you a blessed retirement and a thank you for all you did to help me become an 18 years breast cancer survivor and getting my lymphoma under control. ❤ - Mary Juanita Smith

Congratulations on your retirement, you have been a blessing to our family. - Doris Hale Cox

Many thanks for the care that you gave my mother, Mary Juanita Smith. May you have a blessed retirement. - Larena Lawson

Congratulations Dr P! Hope you enjoy a long healthy happy retirement! - Lisa Ling

Thank you for your excellent care Dr. Prajapati. We were so fortunate to have you here in our community. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement! - Deborah Nunley Winters

Congratulations!! - Tara Hoesli Timmons

Worked with him for over 34 years! Will miss him.... - Tamara Hardesty

Congratulations Dr P! It was a pleasure working with you at Ohio County Healthcare! Enjoy! - Angela Coffman

Thank you for all the years of service to our communities and families. Enjoy your retirement you deserve it. - Audrey Coppage Huff

That’s great, Dr. Prajapati! Hope you have a great, well-deserved retirement! Enjoy! - Cathy Connor Grundhoefer

Congratulations Dr P.. May retirement be filled with many blessed years!! - Janet Randolph

Happy Retirement - Trish Aull

Congratulations Dr. P! Gonna miss your snappy comebacks. Enjoy retirement and remember- no parking! Get out there and fulfill your dreams ❤️ - Mary Wimsatt Moseley

Congratulations!! Happy retirement!! - Melissa Connor

Thank you so much for the care you gave my mother! - Penny West Sapp

Happy Retirement, Dr P!! You have taught me quite a bit in our time together on the Oncology unit! You will be missed! Thanks for all you have done for our patients and community! - Cassie Bryant

Thank you for the great care you gave my Mom! You will be missed, God bless you & happy retirement. - Rena Mercer

Doctor P you are the man. You will be missed. Enjoy your retirement - Wanda Steinmetz

Thank you so very much for being with me for the past 27 years.... congratulations on your retirement you are gonna be deeply are the best!!!! Many many wishes to you and your family!!!! - Debbie Baker

Love you Dr. P. You have been amazing and great to work with and for. Enjoy your time. - Gay Cook

Thank you so much for your great care and dedication! You will be greatly missed! - Poppy Tha Poppinator

You have helped me thru my dads, my husband & my cancer. I’ll miss you but wish you a happy retirement. Thanks for you care. Suzanne Elder - Walter Elder

Congratulations!! Enjoy your retirement - Lisa Haynes

Congratulations!!! - Susan Curry

Congratulations Dr. P good luck in your endeavors - Melissa Pierce

Thank you so much for being there the past 11 years for me, I will truly miss your smile and you fussing about my weight. You are an incredible doctor that will be missed by many. Enjoy your well deserved retirement 👏. - Linda Jett Hobbs

Congratulations Dr P you will be dearly missed by all, you and Rita relax and enjoy your retirement! And Bless you for all you've done for the Hospital and community.💓 - Carolyn Records

Thank you for taking care of my mother when you first came to Owensboro. Enjoy your retirement! - Joyce Edwards

Congratulations on your retirement and thanks for your many years of service to Owensboro Health and the community! - Debbie Bostic

Enjoy your retirement Dr Prajapati. I enjoyed working with you when I was manager of Oncology.

You will be missed by so many. - Denise Edge Pace

Congratulations, Dr. P. Thank you for all your service to the community. Enjoy retirement! - Sherry G. Bridgmon

Congratulations Dr. P!!! Thank you for the many year of providing excellent care to individuals in our communities. You will be greatly missed! - Sue Lindsey

Congratulations on your retirement, Dr Prajapati! I have thought of you often since leaving Owensboro. I have a lot of respect for you and the terrific physician you are! I hope you enjoy retirement! ☺ - Rhonda Paul

Congratulations! - Julie Mattingly Sikes

Dr. P was just awesome to us when I was going thru treatments. He will be missed!! - Suzanne Martin

Congrats Dr P!! You are an excellent physician and your patients will definitely miss you!! - Megan Howard Rhodes

Thank you so much Dr. P. for your compassion and hard work. You have been a blessing to so many in our community. Enjoy your retirement!! - Debbie Wilson

Dr. P - You will be missed, I saw you during my cancer and I thank you so much for being so kind to me. Please enjoy every day of your retirement!! - Doris Cox

Thank you for all you did for Jerry! Have a great retired life! - Jean Edwards Byrd

Thank you. You helped so many, including my mom. Enjoy your retirement! - Beverly Morris Dawson

Dr.P, it has been great working with you. We will miss you and so will your patients. Have a wonderful retirement and enjoy your family and playing golf. - Mark N Chasitie Smith

Thank you. Enjoy your retirement!! - Vicki Hast

Oh, what a great man! - Hope Wingo Reed

Congrats! - Glenda Crump

Congratulations, Dr. Prajapati!! Enjoy every day! Life is wonderful! Thank you for all of your service to the Owensboro community. Enjoyed working around you. 🎈🎈🎈🎈 - Martha Ahring

God Bless you on your retirement. - Alma Topper

Congratulations Dr Prajapati. Thank you for treating my mom back in 1984. Enjoy your much deserved retirement. God bless you - Karen Schindler Bolton

Happy Retirement! It was a pleasure to work with you. - Jacqueline Marie Johnson

Congratulations Dr. Prajapati!! Happy Retirement! - Colleen Bosley

Happy retirement - Vanessa Rhodes

Congratulations Dr. P! Well deserved for your dedication and service to our community for so many years 🥳🎉 - Hannah Kidd

Congrats & enjoy your retirement! - Barb Simon

Congratulations 🎉 - Teresa Payne

Thank you for taking care of my mother until her passing. I hope you have a wonderful retirement. - Cindy Moore

I would like to thank him for the last 12 years of care! Dr. P has been an excellent doctor for me and many patients. Congratulations to him on his retirement! Blessings to him! 🙏 - Alisa Diuguid Baker

Dr. P - so many are going to miss you! Congratulations on your retirement! - Marian Liebenow

He took care of my Dad! Best of luck to you - Rebecca Spangler

This community is losing a great Dr and man! - Angel Powell

Dr. P Shelly and Tammy miss you from Ohio county clinic best of luck to you play a lot of golf!! - Tammy Phelps Maggard

Congratulations Dr. P. Thanks for the care you gave our entire family!! Enjoy retirement!! - Bridgette Whittinghill

Thank you for being a great physician and caring for me!!! Compassion, care, and knowledge all in one. PS I finally lost that weight we talked about at every visit !!😊 - Patti Koller

I hope you enjoy your retirement!!! - Leiann Simon Lashbrook

Congrats Dr P!! Outstanding oncologist!! You will be missed. - Tasia Thompson

Congratulations Dr. P hope you have a Wonderful Retirement! - Mollie Grimsley Stephen

Thank you for caring for me. You are a fantastic doctor and your retirement will be felt. Enjoy your retirement! - Shena Renee Wilson Link

Congratulations & Best Wishes. Happy Retirement - Marilyn Sue Farmer-Brown

Congratulations and thank you for the many years you have served this community... - Sarah Hale Estes

Congratulations Dr P. You are going to be missed, Happy Retirement. - Vanessa Ford Cook

Congrats Dr P!! You will be missed!! Enjoy your retirement! God Bless you and your family! - Vickie Harder Thomas

Congratulations and thank you for all you’ve done for our community. - Angie Ford

All the best to you and your family. Enjoy your retirement. - Beverly Johnson

Thanks for your service and kindness - Joe H Overby

God Bless you in your retirement Dr. Prajapati! You helped to take care of several of my family members. - Robin Cooper

Congratulations!!! - Lorie Jones

Congratulations! You will be missed!! - Sheila Mansfield Burley

Congratulations on your retirement! - Julie Wheatley

I learned a lot from you when I worked as a nurse on oncology! Congratulations, Dr. P!!! 🥳 - Diane Goetz

You called Larry Bidwell your miracle patient thank you for taking good care of him. - Brenda Bidwell

Congratulations Dr P! Thank you for being such a huge part in the health of our community! We will miss seeing you come through the lab to look at slides!!! 🔬 Many blessings to you in your retirement. - Jen Stanfill Ross

Congratulations Dr P!! I enjoyed working with you over the years. Thank you for all you have done for my mom Gayle Pagan. You will be missed! #lungandbraincancersurvivor - Leslie Dunn

Thank you for saving my mother in 1990. You have also been my doctor for the past 20 years. You will be missed. Congratulations to one of the Best! - Shelley Roberts

Congratulations Dr P. Thanks for all you have done for patients. - Debi Clark

Thank you, Dr Prajapati, for the wonderful care you gave my husband. Your honesty and straightforwardness allowed my husband to trust you and to never give up hope. You are a great doctor. May you have many happy years to enjoy your retirement. - Doris Rothenbush Keller

Enjoy your retirement Dr. P.!! You are the best around and have compassionately cared for both my parents as well as other family members and friends.

Wait .... you can’t retire — I may need you one day! 💕 - Sharon Royal Cooper

Thank you so much for being there for me for the last 14 years! You are a great Dr. and I will miss you. Enjoy your retirement and may God bless you! - Sandy Swihart

Happy Retirement, Dr. Prajapati!!!!!!! Best things to come! 🎉 - Susan Taylor-Drach

Congratulations Dr. Prajapathi, great doctor, enjoy your retirement! - Anita Hamrick

It was an honor to work with you, Dr. Prajapati. So much passion for your patients. Now time to pamper that beautiful wife of yours! 🥂 to a wonderful new season! - Barbara Nell Patterson

Thanks to his awesome care in 1993, my Dad went into remission from lymphoma and lived 11 more years! He was here to walk me down the aisle and see his 2 grandsons. I was blessed and grateful. - Lisa Pointer Bryant

Congratulations, Dr . Prajapati! It was an honor to work with you. - Jessica Arnold Miller

Hey buddy, will miss you a lot! - Nancy O'Bryan

Congratulations Dr Prajapathi your the best God bless you - Tida Colvin

Congratulations Dr. P hope you have a Wonderful Retirement! Take care! - Karen Horlander

Thank you for all the people you have helped over the forty years! - Sheila Hocker

Enjoy your retirement Dr. P! - Kathy Fuqua Boyd

Thank you, Dr. Prajapati, for helping save my life 21 years ago. Forever grateful. Enjoy retirement! - Janet Laswell Suwanski

Congratulations Dr. P! 🎉 So happy for you! Enjoy your retirement! ❤️ - Angela Ambrose Nichols

Congratulations and thanks for all you have done. Our community is better because of you! - Drew Frey

Great doctor! Congrats. Enjoy life - Lyn Donna

Congrats on retiring. Good luck to you - Carol Whitford

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