Published on December 14, 2020

Owensboro Health Foundation Awards Nearly $25,000 for Owensboro Health Projects

Owensboro Health Foundation board of directors recently approved five internal funding requests and awarded $24,035 to support Owensboro Health projects. Requests varied in size from $1,000 to $16,000. Funded projects include:

  • $1,000 for OHRH Case Management to continue the Backpack Program for homeless individuals. Owensboro Health Foundation has previously funded the Backpack Program which currently provides a backpack stocked with packaged snacks and water for individuals in need. The expanded program will now support the addition of basic necessities such as socks, t-shirts and underwear to the backpacks when needed.
  • $1,410 to Support the Sepsis Education Program. The grant will be used to purchase printed materials geared toward caregivers caring for an individual with Sepsis.
  • $1,500 to launch a Clothing Closet that will housed in the Emergency Department at OHRH. The grant was a joint proposal between the ED and Case Management and will serve as a compliment to the existing Backpack Program for homeless individuals. Clothing and slippers will be available for patients being discharged from OHRH who may not have adequate clothing in which to leave the facility.
  • $4,125 to continue support for ultrasound training in the Family Residency Program.
  • $16,000 to aid in support outreach services to elderly and high-fall risk individuals. The grant will provide a year of Lifeline services for 29 patients that not otherwise have it. Lifeline services help to reduce the number of ambulance transports as well as hospital readmissions.

Owensboro Health Foundation exists to help heal the sick and ensure the wellness of the communities served by Owensboro Health by developing a spirit of philanthropy and volunteerism. The foundation supports internal requests from within Owensboro Health facilities by OH team members. Projects that serve to address the priority health needs of the community and/or the aid in meeting strategic goals of the health system are given priority funding consideration.

“It is always a joy to read the funding requests from our team members. To see firsthand their dedication to excellence, the innovation and creativity of our team, and to understand the deep needs our patients face, well, it is just an honor to support the work of this healthcare system,” said Steve Frey, Owensboro Health Foundation Chairperson.

The annual OH Gives Campaign is one of several funding sources that make the work of Owensboro Health Foundation possible. Early campaign results indicate increased in giving both in the number of team members making contributions to the Foundation and the total amount pledged and contributed.

Tracy Naylor, foundation director, said, “We are so fortunate to have a family of team members who display such deep generosity. And for the healthcare system to match that generosity – what a blessing! That spirit of giving back is what allows the foundation to compliment the outstanding care provided in the clinical setting. I am so proud of this work and to be part of Owensboro Health.”

Lights for Life,” the foundation’s annual holiday fund development celebration, will take place throughout November and December with expansion to include OHMCH this year.

For more information about Owensboro Health Foundation or to make an online donation, please visit or call 270-688-2260.

About Owensboro Health

Owensboro Health is a nonprofit health system with a mission to heal the sick and to improve the health of the communities it serves in Kentucky and Indiana. The system includes Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, nationally recognized for design, architecture and engineering; Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital; Owensboro Health Twin Lakes Medical Center; the Owensboro Health Medical Group comprised of over 200 providers at more than 20 locations; three outpatient Healthplex facilities, a certified medical fitness facility, the Healthpark; a surgical weight loss center and program, and the Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center.

On average each year, we have 16,000 inpatient admissions, deliver 2,000 babies and provide the region’s only Level III NICU. Owensboro Health physicians perform nearly 24,000 surgical procedures, including nearly 200 open-heart surgeries. Our physicians and staff have 70,000 Emergency Department visits, more than a million outpatient visits annually. Visit our home page for more information.