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Published on February 27, 2020

The reasons we run

Owensboro Health and Wendell Foster Half Marathon

Last year's Wendell Foster Half Marathon was held on March 23, 2019. It was 13.1 miles and a little chilly and overcast — nearly perfect running weather. Owensboro Health team members showed up for support or to run with almost a thousand others from around the country. Looking in from the outside, it might be difficult to surmise why so many folks would train, travel, get up early and run a distance equivalent to going from Smothers Park to Utica. However, each runner has a reason for this undertaking.

Loary Bartlett“The reason I run is for mental and physical well-being. I have done two half-marathons in the past and I always wanted to do another one, but this one is special. I have a nonverbal, disabled son who goes to Wendell Foster for physical therapy, and I am so grateful for this facility and their staff.” — Loary Bartlett, medical assistant
Robin Tucker and her marathon partner“The reason why I run is to achieve personal challenges that I set for myself. On my first half, the 13.1 miles was my challenge. With this half, it is the challenge of being part of the stroller division. My running partner in the stroller division is a Wendell Foster resident. This is his first half and my first stroller division half. Our main goal for this half is to finish.” — Robin Tucker, Business Systems analyst
Steve Johnson running in the marathon“I started volunteering at the Wendell Foster campus when I was 10 years old as the third generation of my family. The campus has been a part of my family’s life since the 1950s.” — Steve Johnson, vice president of Government and Community Affairs

Kerri Booker

“Prior to coming to Owensboro Health, I worked at Wendell Foster for about seven years. I’ve volunteered and worked with individuals with special needs since I was 15 years old.” — Kerri Booker, APRN

Our Healthpark team

Our Healthpark crew runs for, well…health!

Supporting the teams

Many showed up to support their colleagues and Wendell Foster. Thank you to Wendell Foster for giving Owensboro Health the opportunity to sponsor your inaugural half-marathon!

Dr. HumphreyDr. Roger Humphrey, staying warm as a Wendell Foster half-marathon volunteer.

Holding up encouraging signsMaybe it’s crazy to run 13.1 miles. Maybe it’s crazy to show up, stand in the cold and watch other people run 13.1 miles. One thing is clear, though — these volunteers are crazy about Wendell Foster!

Owensboro Health volunteersWhat would any race be without fans? Though family and friends are the real MVPs, our Owensboro Health team at the mile 8 water stop went all out to support the runners from our community. 

Bella holding water

The water was a given, the cute kid was a bonus!

Dr. Mitchell and crew

Every good athlete has supporters. Dr. Jody Mitchell and Owensboro Health Medical Group athletic trainers were there to be actual support in case of accident or injury.

Would you like to participate this year?

Register now to join in on March 14, 2020, for the upcoming Wendell Foster Half Marathon.

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