Published on August 26, 2021

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COVID-19 Cases Reaching Peak Numbers 

COVID-19 cases are rising sharply, and there is a great deal of media and social media attention on this recent surge. As an Owensboro Health team member, it is important that you have accurate, reliable information and that you understand the full picture at our hospitals. We’ve turned away many patients from outside of our service area because capacity is not about how many beds we have, it’s about how many we can safely staff. 

Daily reports are now sent to all team members in an effort to be transparent about the local state of COVID-19 cases. We have reached - or are nearing - peak numbers of cases in all our hospitals and with this surge, the patient ages are noticeably lower. It’s also evident that the majority of positive patients we’re seeing are unvaccinated. These reports can be shared with members of our community. We hope by being transparent, more people will see that they need to get vaccinated immediately in order to help end the surge in cases in our hospitals. 

We urge you to get vaccinated and to encourage your loved ones who have not done so to make an appointment as soon as possible. The full approval from the FDA confirms what we were already seeing - that the vaccine is safe and effective. Please continue to wear a mask even if you’re vaccinated. Social distance, wash your hands and be safe. 

Hospitalized COVID Patients

Twin Lakes sees Peak Number of COVID-19 Patients 

Owensboro Health Twin Lakes Medical Center announced its largest number of COVID-19 hospitalizations on Wednesday, as cases continue to surge across the region. OHTLMC reported 18 hospitalized COVID-19 patients—the hospital’s highest total since the pandemic began. Six of the cases are in critical care, leaving no critical care beds for other patients.

Hospital officials say improving the region’s vaccination rates is vitally important to managing the most recent surge. Of the 18 hospitalizations, 17 are unvaccinated individuals.

Vaccine Rates Rising 

The vaccination rate at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital has risen from an average of 70 vaccines a day to 180-200. This is great news in the fight against COVID-19, as the Delta variant continues to be unrelenting. If you have not been vaccinated, please make an appointment at