Published on July 22, 2021

COVID-19 Update germ

Temporary safety measures return as COVID-19 cases rise

With a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases, Owensboro Health is bringing back some key safety measures to help slow the spread. While the numbers are not as high as they were last winter, they are climbing, and temporary precautions are needed to keep our patients and team members as safe as possible.

The following safety measures are now in place at all Owensboro Health facilities:

  • We’re enforcing visitor restrictions to keep our team members and patients safe. For more information on the current policy (which is subject to change as needed), go to
  • All procedural patients will be tested for COVID-19, including fully vaccinated patients.
  • Masking is required at all times within any Owensboro Health facility.

Do your part: get vaccinated!
Please do your part to keep our patients and your fellow team members healthy. Wear your mask, watch your distance and wash your hands. If you have not been vaccinated, it’s not too late! Visit to schedule your shot and keep yourself (and those around you) safe.

Even though numbers are rising, vaccines are working! At Owensboro Health, cases involving vaccinated individuals have been milder, with no deaths or critical care stays.