Published on January 13, 2022

COVID-19 Update: Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal Antibodies Update

The monoclonal antibody infusions used to treat COVID-19 are in short supply across the nation. Sotrovimab is the only monoclonal antibody currently active against the omicron variant. States receive an allotment of the antibodies (currently Sotrovimab) from the federal government, and then distribute it to their healthcare facilities. The supply has been much lower recently for all states. The Sotrovimab allocation for OHRH this week is 65 doses.

COVID-19 By The Numbers

This graphic illustrates the number of patients in Owensboro Health hospitals as of 8 a.m. today that tested positive for COVID-19.

Hospitalized COVID Patients

Numbers from the infographic are listed as live text below. (Updated as of January 13, 2022)

Totals of all Owensboro Health Hospitals:

  • Critical Care: 16
  • Intubated: 8
  • Total Hospitalized: 55
  • Peak: 85

Owensboro Health Regional Hospital

  • Critical Care: 12 unvaccinated
  • Intubated: 8 unvaccinated
  • Total Hospitalized: 31 unvaccinated, 14 vaccinated 
  • Peak: 69

Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital 

  • Critical Care: 2 unvaccinated
  • Intubated: None
  • Total Hospitalized: 5 unvaccinated
  • Peak: 8

Owensboro Health Twin Lakes Medical Center

  • Critical Care: 1 unvaccinated, 1 vaccinated
  • Intubated: None
  • Total: 3 unvaccinated, 2 vaccinated
  • Peak: 21 

COVID-19 Patients by Age

  • Under 20: 1 Hospitalized
  • 20-29: 2 intubated in critical care, 1 in critical care, 1 hospitalized
  • 30-39: 1 intubated in critical care, 2 hospitalized
  • 40-49: 1 in critical care, 2 hospitalized
  • 50-59: 1 in critical care, 6 hospitalized
  • 60-69: 3 intubated in critical care, 4 in critical care, 8 hospitalized
  • 70-79: 2 intubated in critical care, 9 hospitalized
  • 80-89: 1 in critical care, 8 hospitalized
  • 90+: 1 hospitalized


About Owensboro Health

Owensboro Health is a nonprofit health system with a mission to heal the sick and to improve the health of the communities it serves in Kentucky and Indiana. The system includes Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, nationally recognized for design, architecture and engineering; Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital; Owensboro Health Twin Lakes Medical Center; the Owensboro Health Medical Group comprised of over 200 providers at more than 20 locations; three outpatient Healthplex facilities, a certified medical fitness facility, the Healthpark; a surgical weight loss center and program, and the Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center.

On average each year, we have 16,000 inpatient admissions, deliver 2,000 babies and provide the region’s only Level III NICU. Owensboro Health physicians perform nearly 24,000 surgical procedures, including nearly 200 open-heart surgeries. Our physicians and staff have 70,000 Emergency Department visits, more than a million outpatient visits annually. Visit our home page for more information.