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When you receive care at organizations other than Owensboro Health, it can be difficult to keep track of all your medical information. MyChart Central provides you with a central access point for all your MyChart accounts where you can access all accounts using a single username and password. MyChart Central also provides you with Lucy, a personal health record that gives you a permanent home to organize all your medical information, regardless of where it came from. If you change insurance or move away and need to leave your current healthcare organization, Lucy will follow you.

MyChart Central is a hub from which you can access your Owensboro Health MyChart, other MyChart accounts from the Owensboro area or nationwide, and Lucy. MyChart Central allows you to easily access any MyChart from one place using a single username and password.

Owensboro Health flashdriveLucy is a personal health record that gives you a permanent home to organize all your medical information. You can request an updated copy of your medical record at any time and store it in Lucy. You can also add personal information about your health and choose to share it with Owensboro Health and other organizations where you receive care. If your insurance changes or you move away and need to leave your current organization, Lucy will follow you.

How It Works

  1. Meet Sam. Sam normally receives care at River Hills Clinic but was recently seen at Lakeland Valley Hospital for some specialty care.
  2. Both organizations offer MyChart, and Sam has an account from each of them. He must go to each organization’s Web site to log in and remember a different username and password for each account.
  3. Sam sees that both organizations now offer MyChart Central. He signs up for MyChart Central. Now he can access both of his MyChart accounts from one Web site using a single username and password.
    4. MyChart Central also provides Sam with access to Lucy so he can keep track of all of his medical information in one place.
  4. Through Lucy, Sam requests a copy of his medical record from both River Hills Clinic and Lakeland Valley Hospital. He notices that River Hills Clinic is missing information about a test he had done at Lakeland Valley Hospital. He chooses to share his medical information from each organization with the other so that everyone providing his care has up-to-date information about his health history.
  5. Sam also saves a copy of all of his medical information from Lucy on a thumb drive that he carries with him. This way, he can give his information to any organization if he needs care while on vacation or in an emergency.


With MyChart Central & Lucy you can:

  • Access all of your MyChart accounts or Lucy with a single username & password.
  • Share your health information from one organization with another.
  • Add personal notes about your health information and choose to share them with your healthcare organizations.
  • Request and store the most recent copy of your medical record from any linked organization.
  • Save your health record to a thumb drive and take it with you wherever you go.

Safe & Secure

Like your MyChart accounts, MyChart Central and Lucy are password-protected and delivered via an encrypted connection to keep your health information safe from unauthorized users.

Contact Us

If information in your Owensboro Health MyChart account or Lucy is wrong, please Call 270-852-8500 so we can correct it. If information from another healthcare organization is wrong, contact that organization to make sure your information is corrected. After the information looks right in MyChart, you can get an updated copy in Lucy by requesting your chart again.

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