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COVID-19 Update: Monoclonal Antibodies 1/13/2022
Monoclonal Antibodies Update The monoclonal antibody infusions used to treat COVID-19 are in short supply across the nation. Sotrovimab is the only monoclonal antibody…
2022 Weather Announcements 1/06/2022
Find the most current weather announcements from Owensboro Health, including delays and closures to our medical facilities.
COVID-19 Update: Numbers 1/03/2022
We start 2022 with an uptick in COVID-19-positive patients. Although you can still get COVID-19 after getting vaccinated, it is your best defense against severe illness or…
Quarterly Healthpark Newsletter 1/03/2022
Download our most recent addition of the quarterly newsletter for details and announcements related to our many programs and services.