Audiology (Hearing Care)

Audiologists are healthcare professionals who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of impaired hearing or hearing loss. They utilize standardized tests and procedures to evaluate and manage hearing conditions. Audiologists work with physicians when patients require medical treatment for their hearing loss. They fit and dispense hearing aids and assistive listening devices when recommended.

Diagnostic services

  • Comprehensive evaluations
  • Auditory brainstem response screening and testing
  • Auditory processing evaluations
  • Behavioral testing techniques
  • Middle ear assessments
  • Otoacoustic emissions

Hearing-aid services

  • Basic service and repairs
  • Ear mold impressions
  • Fitting, programming and dispensing hearing aids
  • Hearing-aid recommendations

Assistive listening devices

  • Personal FM systems
  • Pocketalkers
  • Streaming accessories for use with telephones, television, MP3 players and other audio devices

Industrial services

  • Custom molded ear protections
  • Database maintenance for each company's annual testing
  • Ear protection training
  • Employee training
  • Follow-up testing with review
  • Industrial audiograms
  • Noise surveys