Ear, Nose & Throat

Owensboro Health offers advanced surgical treatments using state-of-the-art equipment and surgical techniques.

Our Services Include

Stryker Image-Guided Navigation

Surgeons at Owensboro Health are treating patients using the Stryker Image-Guided Navigation system, advanced 3-D technology that greatly increases safety and accuracy for delicate procedures like sinus surgeries or the removal of brain tumors.

Watch as Dr. Logan and Dr. Taylor demonstrate Stryker.

How It Works

Stryker technology combines a virtual 3-D model of the patient's sinus structure or brain anatomy with an interactive display of the surgeon's instruments, enabling doctors to operate in complex areas of the head and neck with greater confidence. Patients undergo a series of CT scans or MRIs to capture images of the soft tissue and bony structures in the head and neck.

Advanced Features

  • Creates a virtual 3-D model of the patient's anatomy for display in the operating room
  • Infrared camera communicates with LED-equipped surgical instruments to track real-time movements
  • Mathematically compensates for changes in the patient's position

Pediatric Services

Tonsil Removal

Owensboro Health offers tonsillectomy for kids, teens and young adults. Most procedures are same-day. Learn more about this procedure.

Ear Tubes

Infant Treatments —The ENT unit provides insertion and removal of ear tubes for the treatment of chronic ear infections.

Family Care Unit

The Owensboro Health Family Care Unit specializes in the treatment of the pediatric patient, including those recovering from ENT procedures.

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