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Jason Lee

Jason Lee, MD

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Specializing in Pain Management
  • One Health
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Education & Training


St. George's University School of Medicine


University of Kentucky, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


University of Kentucky, Interventional Pain Medicine


A patient's message

Read the messages sent to Dr. Lee on National Doctors' Day.

"I want to thank you for never giving up on trying to find a way to relieve my pain and give me a better quality of life. Before I came to you I had gone to a couple of doctors who had said that nothing was really wrong with me and that eventually the pain would go away. I felt hopeless and pushed off to the side like I was crazy. You not only took me seriously by taking an x-ray and MRI, but pinpointed the problem and set out on a mission to allow me to be able to function at my job again, take care of my family and give me my smile back. Even though I will most likely live with this for many years to come, it's alright because with an amazing doctor like you in my corner never giving up on me, I will never give up on myself." - Misty

"Dear Dr. Lee, I just wanted to take an opportunity to express my gratitude to you for not only your continued care of my health needs, but also your personal interest in having what I know to be an honest ongoing evaluation of my health needs. Thank you for always listening during the times of my visits and for the empathetic care that any patient deserves from their physician. I want you to know that I not only appreciate your professional care and expertise, but that when you speak and interact with me on my visits, you actually speak to me eye to eye without consulting a computer or trying to do tasks on an electronic device while giving me your professional advice for my care. Thank you for your long difficult road of experience and education that is used in such a way to care for your many patients." - Gene