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On My Way

On My Way is a new online tool that lets patients check estimated wait times at Owensboro Health Urgent Care locations. You can then choose the best location to meet your needs and let us know when you plan to get there.

This exciting service can reduce your wait time in our clinics by giving us advance notice that you’re coming. This service is not available by phone, and, of course, walk-ins are still welcome. 

Learn more about how On My Way can serve you by reading our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

On My Way Tool Basics

Using the On My Way Tool

Once You Arrive

What are the benefits of using On My Way?

Our new tool lets you choose an Owensboro Health facility based on how close it is to you or how long the estimated wait time is. This minimizes the extra waiting time you will spend in our clinics. On My Way is also integrated with Owensboro Health MyChart to make your check-in and treatment process more efficient so you can concentrate on getting better.

How do I use On My Way?

Click on the urgent care location you want to visit and choose when you think you’ll arrive. The system will notify us you’re on the way, letting us prepare for your visit so things will run more smoothly and quickly when you arrive.

What if I don't want to use On My Way?

No problem. You can always walk into an Owensboro Health urgent care facility without notification or an appointment. If you want to minimize your wait time, you’ll have to use On My Way — we don't make urgent care reservations by phone.

Do I have to be an Owensboro Health patient to use On My Way?

No. Anyone can use the On My Way tool to notify us they’re coming to an Owensboro Health Urgent Care clinic, no matter if they’ve ever been to Owensboro Health before or not.

Can I use On My Way for an Emergency Department visit?

MyChart users can see the estimated wait time at all Owensboro Health Emergency Department locations and let our team know the time of their arrival.

Simply log into MyChart, click “Menu,” and search "On My Way". Select "Find Urgent Care" and then the Emergency Visit button. Then you will be able to see estimated wait times and choose the facility where you would like to be seen. 

If you have not signed up for MyChart yet, you can create an account online.

Do I have to be signed up for MyChart to use On My Way?

You do not. While we think signing up for MyChart would help you manage your health in a more efficient way, the On My Way tool doesn’t require a MyChart account.

What info do I have to enter into On My Way?

It’s short and sweet. You’ll enter your first and last name, how soon you’ll arrive at your chosen facility, your date of birth, the reason for your visit, and a way for us to reach you by phone or email.

Is On My Way secure?

Yes. Our secure platform is designed specifically to protect patient privacy.

Does On My Way give me a scheduled appointment at an Owensboro Health Urgent Care clinic?

No. On My Way tells us when you are on your way to a clinic. Its function is to minimize your wait time — it does not actually schedule an appointment.

What if I can’t make it to my arrival time?

The On My Way tool has an option to let us know your plans have changed — just click on that option to cancel your spot in line.

Can I use On My Way for more than one person?

Yes and no. You can only use On My Way to let us know one person at a time is on their way to a clinic. If you want to claim a spot in line for additional people, you can return to the beginning screen and begin a separate session for each person.

Can I use On My Way for a time tomorrow?

No. The tool only works for the current day.

Do I have to use On My Way to visit an Owensboro Health clinic?

No, you don’t have to use On My Way to be seen at Owensboro Health. Walk-ins are always welcome at any of our urgent care locations. The tool just allows you to have a good sense of how long you should expect to wait after you arrive.

Will I still be required to check in if I use On My Way?

Yes. You will still have to check in to the clinic once you arrive, but your check-in process will be shorter than usual since you’ll already be in the system.

Can I use eCheck-in?

Yes, you can use eCheck-in if you are an existing Owensboro Health patient with an Owensboro Health MyChart account. (Click here to learn how to use eCheck-in.)

If I use On My Way, will I still have to wait after I arrive?

Owensboro Health team members are trained to treat the sickest patients first. Sometimes, this may mean that people who get to the clinic after you will be seen before you. We understand this can be frustrating, but we hope you realize the need to provide immediate care to some patients based on how severe their illness or injury is. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to serve all of our patients.

What if I’m late for the arrival time I picked?

You have a grace period of 15 minutes from the arrival time you chose. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your chosen time, that saved time will no longer be available. If this occurs, we’ll do our best to get you back in line as soon as possible.