Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center Renovation

On Monday, March 4, 2019 a renovation project began at the Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center. This project is expected to last approximately 14 months and will bring a number of improvements to the look, feel and function of the center. Read our news article to learn more about this decision.

This renovation is a demonstration of Owensboro Health’s commitment to heal the sick and to improve the health of the communities we serve. This is so we can continue to offer the national-quality cancer care, right here. 

Infusion/Chemotherapy area is temporarily moving

On Monday, October 14, the second phase of our cancer center renovation project will begin. This phase of the project is expected to last approximately five months and will bring a number of improvements to the look, feel and function of the center. These updates include renovated and expanded space for outpatient infusion clinic, updates to first floor areas, including the main lobby and dressing rooms.

For those who are being administered chemotherapy, during this phase of the renovation, from October 14, 2019, forward, you will want to enter the Breckenridge Medical Building. The Breckenridge Medical Plaza is to the North and adjacent to the Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center.

Inside the Breckenridge Medical Building, take the elevator to the second floor. When you exit the elevator on the second floor, turn right and follow the signs with green arrows and the temporary Infusion/Chemotherapy area is approximately 50 yards in front of you, in the newly-remodeled section of the center on the second floor.

Photos from October 1, 2019

new lobby

logo wall


new hallway

another hallway


Photos from July 11

room with small window


room with window facing front

room with open ceilings

man kneeling in front of a window

The process will result in significant improvements to the following:

  • Dressing rooms.
  • Facility equipment, including:
    • Replacement of air handlers and electrical systems.
    • New generator. (providing backup power requirements)
    • New medical equipment. (limited in scope)
    • New IT equipment.
    • New furniture.
  • Outpatient infusion clinic space.
  • Owensboro Health Medical Group - Hematology & Oncology will move to a new space from the current space in Breckenridge Medical Building.
  • Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center Pharmacy: a specially equipped space where cancer drugs are formulated/mixed.
  • Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center Lobby and other waiting rooms will implement changes to their interior design to improve wayfinding and patient comfort.

Projected Timeline

  • Phase 1 demolition: Began March 4
    • Second floor, phase 1 (buildout): April 2019
  • Phase 2 demolition: November 2019
    • Second floor, phase 2 (buildout): Late November 2019
    • First floor: As possible during work on second floor

Architectural Renderings of New Spaces

First floor lobby 

First floor lobby rendering

Dressing room

Dressing room rendering

Second floor Infusion Waiting area

Second floor Infusion Waiting area rendering

Second-floor Infusion Community area

Second floor Infusion Community area rendering

Second-floor clinic waiting area

Second floor clinic waiting area rendering

Contact Us

Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center - 270-688-3600 or toll-free at 800-947-7102

Radiation Oncology - 270-688-3600

Hematology & Oncology - 270-688-3445

Oncology Patient Navigators - 270-688-3691 or 270-688-1946 or 270-688-3657

Outpatient Infusion - 270-688-3630

Medical Oncology (Inpatient) - 270-417-2800

Cancer Screening - 270-417-7641

Lung Cancer Screening Program - 270-417-7641

Clinical Trials - 270-688-1938

Oncology Education - 270-688-3619

Director of Cancer Services - 270-688-3640

Cancer Registry - 270-688-3636

Wayfinding and Directions through Renovation

Walkways within Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center will be affected during the renovation. Visit this page to find directions and maps of the affected areas.