2018 Public Report On Cancer

Learn more about what the Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center is doing to accomplish their mission of providing quality Cancer Care.

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Cancer Screenings & Diagnosis

If a screening detects an abnormality, or you’re experiencing symptoms of cancer, gain more insight into your condition with one of Owensboro Health’s advanced diagnostic tests.

Cancer Screenings

Ask your primary care provider which screenings are right for your age, sex, family history and lifestyle. Then, take advantage of tests such as:

  • Breast Cancer Screening, including Mammography & breast imaging and Ultrasound technology especially for women with dense breasts; call 800-947-7102 for information about free mammograms for under-insured women
  • Cervical Cancer Screening, or Pap Test
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening, including Colonoscopy, Flexible Sigmoidoscopy or Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT)
  • Lung Cancer Screening, a Low-Dose CT Scan for current or former smokers who meet certain criteria
  • Prostate Cancer Screening, including PSA Test

Cancer Diagnostics

To help diagnose or rule out cancer, your doctor may recommend:

  • An imaging procedure, such as a CT Scan or MRI
  • A Biopsy, which removes a small sample of tissue for examination
  • Certain Lab Tests, which can indicate whether tumors are present

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Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center - 270-688-3600 or toll-free at 800-947-7102

Radiation Oncology - 270-688-3600

Hematology & Oncology - 270-688-3445

Oncology Patient Navigators - 270-688-3691 or 270-688-1946 or 270-688-3657

Outpatient Infusion - 270-688-3630

Medical Oncology (Inpatient) - 270-417-2800

Cancer Screening - 270-417-7641

Lung Cancer Screening Program - 270-417-7641

Clinical Trials - 270-688-1938

Oncology Education - 270-688-3619

Director of Cancer Services - 270-688-3640

Cancer Registry - 270-688-3636


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Cancer often doesn’t show symptoms in its initial stages. That’s why you may benefit from screenings that help detect the disease early—when treatment works best.

Schedule your screening by calling 877-888-6647 (toll-free).

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