Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Garlic and Parmesan Cheese


  • 40 brusselsprouts (about 1-1.5 pounds)
  • ½ cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • ¼ cup shredded parmesan cheese


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Wash and peel bad leaves from sprouts.
  3. Cut small sprouts in half and larger sprouts in quarters.
  4. Mix extra virgin olive oil and garlic together and toss sprouts in mixture. 
  5. Place on sheet pan and roast in the oven until golden brown.
  6. Coat sprouts with parmesan cheese.


Serves 10.

Nutrition Facts: 158 calories, 14g total fat, 3g saturated fat, 7mg cholesterol, 177mg sodium, 144mg potassium, 4g carbohydrate, 2g fiber, 6g protein