Diabetes Assessment

Over 29.1 million Americans have diabetes and 1 out of 4 does not know that they have it. This Diabetes Assessment serves several purposes. If you don't have diabetes, the assessment will help you understand your risk for getting diabetes in the future. If you aren't sure whether or not you have diabetes now, it will help you better understand the likelihood, including symptoms and how you can be screened for diabetes.

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Diabetes Care

Owensboro Health can help you successfully manage diabetes or make it less likely you’ll develop the condition. Through education and support from caring diabetes professionals, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to live healthier.

Reduce Your Risk Of Diabetes

If you received a diagnosis of pre-diabetes or are at risk of diabetes, take advantage of individual diabetes counseling sessions, classes and/or Owensboro Health’s yearlong Diabetes Prevention Program. We’ll help you determine the right services for your needs.

Diabetes Prevention Program

Get comprehensive pre-diabetes education and guidance on making lifestyle changes in our Diabetes Prevention Program—an evidence-based course recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You’ll learn how to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes through:

  • Healthy eating
  • Including physical activity in your daily life
  • Building problem-solving and coping skills
  • Meeting with a diabetes care specialist and supportive peers

Sessions take place weekly for six months and then monthly for another six months.

For more information contact Amy Turley at amy.turley@owensborohealth or  270-688-4459 or Beth Cecil at beth.cecil@owensborohealth.org

Learn more about the Diabetes Prevention Program.

Gestational Diabetes Class

Sweet Beginnings helps you achieve a healthy pregnancy as you manage gestational diabetes. Ask your doctor for a referral to this two-hour class, which covers:

After the class, you may schedule individual follow-up sessions as needed.

InBalance Diabetes Education Program

No matter your age or type of diabetes, you’ll benefit from one-on-one counseling and instruction through Owensboro Health’s InBalance Diabetes Education Program. Ask your doctor for a referral to this program, which is recognized by the American Diabetes Association for meeting national standards of care. You’ll get:

  • An education plan tailored to your needs and interests
  • Guidance setting and achieving your health goals
  • Help planning healthy meals
  • Instruction on using your blood glucose monitor, injectable medications and an insulin pump
  • Tips for increasing physical activity, reducing stress and controlling your blood glucose

Inpatient Diabetes Counseling

If you’re admitted to Owensboro Health Regional Hospital for treatment of diabetes-related symptoms, you’ll receive care from a certified diabetes educator. The educator will:

  • Help you and your family understand your condition, especially if you were recently diagnosed with diabetes
  • Teach you how to monitor and control your blood glucose level
  • Explain when to call your doctor
  • Show you how to safely use insulin and other medications
  • Develop a meal plan that reflects your tastes

You’ll then make an outpatient follow-up appointment with an Owensboro Health diabetes care professional, so you can continue to get expert guidance on managing your condition after you return home. We’ll also connect you with community resources to make sure you have access to all the support you need.

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Type 2 Diabetes

Manage Your Diabetes More Easily

Through the Daviess County Diabetes Coalition, you can take advantage of community resources and support, including assistance paying for diabetes medications.

You’ll also want to explore the Owensboro Health Online Health Encyclopedia to learn more about how to take charge of your condition.

Contact Us

Call 270-688-3291 to meet with an Owensboro Health diabetes care specialist or to discover other upcoming opportunities for diabetes education.

Diabetes Prevention Program

Approximately 1 in 5 adults will have type 2 diabetes by 2025. If you’re not sure what your risk is, checkout the One Health @Work Diabetes Prevention Program for the risk factors you need to know.

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Nutrition & Weight Management

With the Owensboro Health Community Education & Wellness team, you’ll find personalized guidance for yourself or a loved one of any age—including infants. Count on us to help you achieve the foundation for wellness.

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