When you’re admitted to an Owensboro Health hospital, you may receive care from a hospitalist—a provider who specializes in treating inpatients with a wide range of conditions. These professionals’ expertise in hospital medicine help deliver you high-quality care during your stay with us.

How hospitalists help you

Your hospitalist serves as your partner in care if you don’t have a primary care provider who’s able to visit you in the hospital. Throughout your stay, the hospitalist:

  • Informs you and your family about your condition, progress and treatment options.
  • Coordinates your care with social workers, nurses, consulting physicians and other professionals to ensure you get all the services you need.
  • Updates your primary care provider, if you have one, about your health and plans for your care after you leave the hospital.

Because your hospitalist works in the hospital full-time, they are readily available to quickly respond to your needs and any questions you may have about your care. That means you receive timely care and may be able to return home sooner.

Continuity of care

You receive the best possible care when you see the same provider during your entire hospital stay. That’s why our hospitalists work an average of eight days in a row. But if a different hospitalist takes over while you’re here, rest assured that he or she has received thorough information about your health, your concerns, and your treatment preferences.