What Can I Say to Convince You to Get Vaccinated?

Hear from our Local Doctors

Doctors and nurses right here in our community are stepping up and asking you - "What Can I Say to Convince You to Get Vaccinated?" They are on the frontlines and have studied not only COVID-19 but also the vaccines available to help stop this pandemic. They want what is best for their patients, families and community.

In this video series, the doctors and nurses that have been treating your neighbors, friends and family throughout the pandemic are ready to address your concerns. They are here as a resource to help you feel confident in your choice to vaccinate yourself and your family.

Primary Care Physician, Dr. Mark Tackett

As a family medicine physician at Madisonville Multicare, Dr. Mark Tackett has made a career keeping families healthy. He firmly believes the best thing you can do for yourself, your family and your community is get vaccinated against COVID-19. Listen directly to him in this video.

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Obstetrician, Dr. Andrea Moore

Dr. Andrea Moore's life work is to help her patients have safe and healthy pregnancies and happy babies. She wants her pregnant patients to know that if they contract COVID, there's a good chance they are not going to have a healthy baby and could even lose their own life. There is also no evidence that the vaccine affects fertility. This is why she encourages her patients to get vaccinated.

Pediatrician, Dr. John Phillips

As a pediatrician, Dr. John Phillips is used to giving his patients vaccines that will keep them healthy and safe from potentially harmful diseases. The COVID-19 vaccine is no different. He's made sure his own children are vaccinated, and you can hear more about his decision in this video.

Pediatrician, Dr. Anthony Smith

Leitchfield Pediatrician Dr. Anthony Smith is a parent first and a doctor second. He gives his patients the same guidance he'd offer his own family. And right now, the best guidance he can offer is to get vaccinated. Hear directly from him in this video.

Pulmonologist, Dr. Michael Muzoora

As a pulmonologist working in the COVID-19 Critical Care Unit since the beginning of the pandemic, Dr. Michael Muzoora has watched patients struggle physically and emotionally while being in isolation in the hospital. He's cared for patients for weeks, trying everything there is to try, only to watch them lose the fight. Hear from him about the toll this takes on not only patients, but also on healthcare workers.

Hospitalist, Dr. Heather Garrett

Dr. Heather Garrett has worked in the COVID-19 unit at Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital from the beginning. She has had the tragic task of telling patients who are about to be placed on a ventilator that it's too late to get the vaccine. She's urging everyone to get vaccinated now. Hear directly from her in this video.

Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Ashley Gabbard

Dr. Ashley Gabbard can't predict the future. She can't tell you how you'll fare if you get COVID-19 since everyone responds differently to the virus. She can't promise that you won't get the virus even if you're vaccinated. But she does know your case will be much less severe if you've been vaccinated. Hear from her on why you should talk to your doctor.

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