Orthopedic, Amputation Rehabilitation at Regional Rehabilitation Center

Orthopedic injury or conditions can take on many forms; some require surgical repair or replacement and others require less invasive treatments. Some conditions are a result of a major trauma while others are chronic. At the Owensboro Health Regional Rehabilitation Center the goal for patients suffering from these conditions is to promote maximum function and independence. The team of providers at the Owensboro Health Regional Rehabilitation Center encourages all survivors to begin rehabilitation as soon as their physician feels they are ready.

Special Services Available for Patients

  • Balance and mobility problems are common in patients following treatment or surgery for an orthopedic or amputation condition. The NeuroCom System Balance Master is available to assist therapists in assessing and treating these problems. This equipment represents the most advanced balance and mobility assessment and treatment technology available.
  • Your equipment needs will be assessed and met before leaving the Center.

By The Numbers FY19

FX/Replacement of lower extremity

Patients Treated: 67 
Average Age: 72 
Average Length of Stay: 11 days 
Average number of therapy hours daily: 3.8 hours 
Discharge Home/ Community: 94%

Other orthopedic

Patients Treated: 30 
Average Age: 71 
Average Length of Stay: 10 days 
Average number of therapy hours daily: 3.2 hours 
Discharge Home/ Community: 83%


Patients Treated: 14 
Average Age: 61 
Average Length of Stay: 12 days 
Average number of therapy hours daily: 3.4 hours 
Discharge Home/ Community: 96%

Patient Experience FY19

Our patients rate us in the top 10% of Rehab Facilities

  • Nurse communication with patient and families
  • Doctor communication with patients and families
  • Preparation for discharge and care at home
  • Overall safety

Quality Measures

Download the Medicare Functional Quality Measures Report (PDF)