Rapid Response Team

If you are concerned about a change in the patient's condition that re-quires immediate attention, from a hospital phone, dial 100 to activate the Rapid Response Team.

The Rapid Response Team will respond to you and assess the patient. When you dial 100, inform the hospital operator "I need the Rapid Response Team, give the patient's name and room number" and stay with the patient until the Team arrives.

Purpose Of The Rapid Response Team

Anyone that has contact with a patient can request medical assistance by dialing 100 from a hospital phone (this includes the patient, family, visitors, or any hospital employee to request an immediate assessment of the patient when significant changes are noticed.

Why Should I Initiate A Rapid Response

A Rapid Response request does not take the place of routine care that the patient receives, but is a support system for the nursing staff when a patient "takes a turn for the worse". The Team will assess the patient, begin necessary treatment and notify the physician in a timely manner.

When Should I Initiate A Rapid Response

A patient's condition can change suddenly, including symptoms that could be life-threatening. Quick assessment and treatment should be initiated as soon as possible.

Some examples are: chest pain, difficulty breathing, change in mental status (confusion, unresponsive, slurred speech), large amount of bleeding, new onset or uncontrolled pain or increased weakness (especially if on one side of the body).

Anytime that you notice a significant change in the patient's condition, call the hospital operator at 100 and initiate the Rapid Response Team.

Why Shouldn't I Get The Nurse Or Push The Call Light

If a patient has had a significant change, time is valuable. By initiating a Rapid Response, a complete team of advanced trained personnel will arrive to help the patient.

The Call light should be used when assistance is needed to the bath-room, need for pain medication, IV pump beeping or other normal occurrences during a hospital stay. The goal of the Rapid Response Team is to provide immediate help for emergent patient needs. The nursing staff is always available to assist you.

Our goal is to provide the very best care possible to you and your family. Our #1 concern is your care and safety.