Alan King: A Fighting Chance

A resident of Huntingburg, Indiana, Alan King had been experiencing a persistent cough for a few months. Then while visiting St. Louis with his wife Kathy, he began sweating and turned ashen in color, with no explanation for either symptom.

Alan and Kathy asked for a referral to the Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center in Owensboro. There they saw Dr. Jewraj Maheshwari, a medical oncologist.

“When we got back the results, Dr. Maheshwari goes, 'Okay, now we know what we've got to do to get you well again,” Alan said.

Alan looked at it like the challenge of being a soldier. In the Army, he had been a drill sergeant, tasked with teaching and leading raw recruits. Alan fought back. He went through eight rounds of chemotherapy over the span of six months.

“The last chemo was in February 2016,” Alan said. “We saw Dr. Maheshwari in March and he said,

'It's gone.'”

They are thankful for Dr. Maheshwari. They are thankful for the Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center’s staff. And for their family and friends that played a pivotal role. Alan said. “Life is a journey. We don't know when or how it will end, but it's a journey best traveled with friends.”