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Messages from our patients

Read the messages sent to our cancer care providers on National Doctors' Day.

"I know it was God but with your help and great knowledge you have saved my life 3 times I do not think it was an accident that you were the one on call when I needed you so badly I can’t thank you enough for giving me extended time to enough my family I am eternally grateful for your concern and knowledge." - Helen

"My husband was diagnosed with brain cancer in December 2014 after surgery to remove a mass in his cervical spine at UofL Hospital in Louisville. UofL pressured us to seek ongoing treatment in Louisville. We visited with Dr. Maheshwari who was honest with us from the beginning. He'd never treated a GBM in the cervical spine before. He sent us for a consult with a neuro-oncologist at Vanderbilt. Come to find out, there were very few documented cases of cervical spine GBM. The decision was made to treat the GBM as if it was in his brain with a combination of oral chemo and radiation. Dr. Maheshwari coordinated with Dr. Faught and my husband's primary care provider and the battle to maintain quality of life began despite the prognosis. Dr. M always took our concerns seriously, always took time to talk with us, always responded to my inquiries and always showed compassion. My husband lived well beyond the typical life expectancy for someone with this diagnosis and had a good quality of life until the last few months of his life. For 41 months, Dr. M was our cheerleader, our spiritual leader, and our guide. Even when under the care of Hospice of Western Kentucky, Dr. M continued to check on me and my husband. When my husband took his last breath, he would not let the funeral home leave with his body until he made the trip to pay his last respect to my husband at the Heartford House. I have and will continue to tell anyone that asks that the best cancer treatment can be found right here at Owensboro Health. Under Dr. M's guidance, we sought advice and treatment options from Vanderbilt, UK, and UofL. Those experiences paled in comparison to the compassionate and knowledgeable care provided by Dr. M and the providers at Owensboro Health. From the registration person, to the MA, to the nurse, to our team of providers, no one could've done a better job with my husband's care. We had an excellent experience and I strongly believe Dr. M, Dr. Faught, and the team at Owensboro Health contributed to my husband's longevity. I am forever grateful." - Kelly

"Danny and I would like to give a big thank you to Dr. Hodskins. He has been Danny's cancer doctor for over a year now. Danny has been through a lot over the past year and is still going through a lot with different health issues including cancer. I have never seen a Doctor who shows as much compassion and caring as he does. I am sure the other cancer doctor's are very good too, but I am thankful and grateful that we were blessed to have him on Danny's case. Thanks so much." - Mr. and Mrs. Danny W.

"Dr. Hodskins, thank you for the wonderful care and your personal attention. You have gone above and beyond on several occasions. You are much appreciated." - Dennis

"Thank you Dr. Hodskins & Dr. Ryan Able & all the crew & staff for working as hard as you can too save my life & prolong my life with cancer. You both are outstanding doctors & I think the world of you both & all the dedicated work you are & have given too me & the wonderful staff & nurses for everything that you're doing!!! The staff of nurses are & have been awesome to me!!! Thanks sooooo much!!!!" - Richard

"Dr. Hodskins. Well I do not know where to begin. He is one of the most caring professionals I have ever meet. He has shown me that there are people in his field that care. Each visit when I exit him I say please don't give up on me. His answer is I will not. I am fighting a battle in my health. And he is fighting the battle to help me. If for some reason they would say you cannot see him anymore I truly believe that I would just give up. Until only recent I had never been to see many doctors. But I truly thank God each and every day for him. And I sincerely believe if there were more people in his field that cared the way he does then the medical field would be far greater. I believe in you Dr. Hodskins. Trust and admire you and give thanks each day that you are my doctor. May God bless you and your sincere efforts. I love you for being you." - Bruce

"Thank you for being such a very caring doctor to me and listening to me when I have questions and taking time to answer them." - Judy

"Dr. Thomas, you and your staff made it possible to endure the year long treatments. Myself and family members made friends with the great staff that work there. I was always made feel like everyone cared and I never had a worry. Please know that you are greatly appreciated and I have felt blessed to have received the professional care that you and your department gave. God bless each and everyone." - Nona

"You have helped me have an extended life with my family and friends I never thought possible a few years ago I thank you for trying so hard to find a way to not only give me extra time but a quality of life as well I appreciate you so much!!" - Helen

"Thanks for you excellent care and concern throughout my cancer journey. I feel I chose the best place and best doctor possible. Thank you and God bless you!" - Lisa

"My family and I thank you for your immediate and life-saving treatment of my stage-four lung cancer. I doubt that I would be alive today if you had not reacted in such a pro-active and aggressive manner and started treating the cancer right away. Two years later and I am cancer-free. I continue under your care today and am confident that you will always look after me." - Sarah

"Thank you Dr. M for always caring about me. You truly go above and beyond to care for each of your patients. Thanks for always pushing me to get better and improve my overall health. My family and I will be forever grateful for you." - Andrea