Homemade Yogurt


Download and print the recipe card


  • 1 quart low-fat milk
  • 1/4 cup yogurt with active culture


  1. Heat milk in a saucepan until it reaches 180 degrees. Do not leave unattended, it can burn quickly or boil over. Allow to cool until 110 degrees.
  2. Add culture to milk and stir well.
  3. Place the milk in a clean, sturdy glass container. Place in your oven on proof (110-115) for 6-8 hours. If you do not have a proof feature on your oven you can heat it to 200, turn it off, and leave the oven light on. Leave until set, 6 - 8 hours.

Tip: You now have yogurt! If you want thicker, Greek style yogurt, you can strain it with cheese cloth or a fine mess strainer, for 1 - 4 hours. The longer you strain it the thicker it will become.

Nutritional information: (Amount per cup serving) Serves: 4, Calories: 120, Fat: 5g, Carbohydrates: 11g, Protein: 8g