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Heart Surgery Preparation & Recovery

When you need Heart Surgery, trust the team at Owensboro Health to help you understand your procedure, feel confident and make your recovery as smooth as possible.

Before Surgery: Meet Your Team

A few days before your procedure, you’ll meet with your Owensboro Health Heart Care team to:

  • Tour our facility
  • Learn about your heart procedure
  • Get a pre-operative checkup to make sure you’re physically ready for surgery
  • Set goals for your recovery
  • Get answers to your questions
  • Complete pre-admission paperwork

Your team includes our Heart Center Education Coordinator, Martha Sims, R.N. Martha specializes in helping patients and their families prepare for heart surgery.

Contact her with questions by e-mail or call 270-417-4308.

Your Guide To Heart Surgery

Download our complete Heart Education Manual for detailed Heart Surgery information, including instructions for:

  • Surgery preparation
  • Safe medication use
  • Promoting a speedy recovery
  • Visiting patients

Recovery: One-on-One Hospital Care

  • After surgery, begin your recovery in a special section of the critical care unit (CCU) just for heart patients.
  • You’ll get one-on-one care from an experienced nurse with advanced training in tending to Heart Surgery patients. Because your nurse is dedicated to your care, you’ll enjoy meaningful support from someone who gets to know you and your family.
  • You’ll likely rest for most of the first 24 hours. We’ll work with you to gradually and safely increase your activity.
  • The day after surgery, you’ll move to a regular patient room in the Progressive Care unit. There, nurses specially trained in heart-related procedures will help you continue your recovery and prepare for your return home.
  • Expect to spend two to 10 days in the hospital after your operation, depending on your procedure and overall health.

Recovery: Returning Home

Most people need about six weeks to recover from Heart Surgery. You’ll complete the last stage of your recovery at home, but you’ll continue to receive support and follow-up care from Owensboro Health. You’ll appreciate:

  • A follow-up call from Heart Center Education Coordinator Martha Sims, R.N., within the first week after you return home
  • Specialized post-operative nursing care, personal care and therapy from Owensboro Health Home Care
  • Our Heart Rehabilitation program to help you regain strength and build heart-healthy habits

If you live alone and aren’t able to return home for the last phase of your recovery, ask about our Transitional Care Center.

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