New Express Online Module

Preparing for Your Hospital Stay & Recovery

Please take 30-60 minutes to go through this module during your third trimester (be sure to complete it a few weeks before your due date). You are welcome to review it together with your partner or support people! 

Topics We Cover
  • What to expect at the hospital after birth and how to make the most out of your stay
  • What is considered “normal” after birth for you and your baby and when to call for help
  • How to plan for your discharge and arrival back home 

Cost: Free

Access code: ohrh750ex

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Childbirth Class Registration Form

Owensboro Health Prenatal Education recommends that anyone expecting a baby attend our FREE prenatal classes! These classes help you feel prepared and confident about your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. They cover a range of topics, including nutrition, exercise, childbirth education, breastfeeding, postpartum care, and newborn care. Prenatal classes can also provide a supportive community of other expectant parents who can share experiences, advice, and tips.

Classes are offered in-person or online to best meet your needs. In-person classes are held at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital unless otherwise noted. Online classes allow you to prepare from the comfort of your own home. An instructor teaches all virtual classes via Webex in real-time; upon registration, you will receive information about Webex via email. Materials will be sent about a week before the online class.

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Pregnancy Wellness

This in-person class is best taken as early as possible, but can be taken at any time! It is held at the Healthpark

Prepared for Childbirth Series
Prepared for Childbirth Express Class
Baby Care and Safety Class
Breastfeeding Class
All About Pumping

This class is best taken after the breastfeeding class if you have further questions about pumping or if you plan to exclusively pump.

Hands-on Comfort Workshop

This in-person workshop will be held at Owensboro Health Healthpark. It is best taken after childbirth class to practice comfort techniques learned.

Sibling Class
This in-person class to prepare new siblings, ages 3-8, is held at the Owensboro Health Regional Hospital.
C-section Class

You do not need this class if you have already signed up for a childbirth class, as this information is covered in all childbirth classes. This class is for those planning to have a scheduled C-section who do not need labor information.

Refresher Childbirth Class
This class is a refresher for those who have given birth before.
Maternity Services Tour (Owensboro location)

You do not need this additional tour if you are signed up for an in-person childbirth class. Click to view our new virtual tour!

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