Messages from our patients

Read the messages sent to our orthopedic providers on National Doctors' Day.

"Dr. McBride, I will never forget you rushing to the emergency room on a Friday night to come to my aide. Having cut two of my fingers nearly off with a table saw, I sat in the ER with instructions to transfer to Louisville. You being off and not taking call were consoled and within minutes you were standing in the ER reviewing my X-ray images. I’ll never forget your response, "I can’t make you any promises but I’ll do everything I can to save them, I’m taking you into surgery now." You are not only an amazing surgeon, but you are a wonderful person. Your selflessness and dedication to your patients truly impacts lives. Thank you for making a positive impact on my life!!!" - Bill

"I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to Dr. Reid Wilson and all of his staff. Dr. Wilson has always shown the utmost care in treating me over the past four years. I admire his listening and how accessible he makes himself. I have experience nothing but excellent care from Dr. Wilson and all of his staff. Thank you Dr. Wilson!" - Derek

"A Heartfelt Thank you: It’s my belief that appreciation is something truly special, acknowledging a person and simply saying Thank you, gives them a reason to smile and to let them know what they mean to you. I wanted to write and personally say Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your attention to detail with the care you gave me, to get me where I am today! Several staff members were involved in my care but remembering all of them would be like the saying, “pulling a needle from a haystack.” However there are a few that I would like to mention"... Read April's full testimonial.

"Thank you Dr. Wilson and the orthopedic staff. You all made my operation and stay in the hospital a reasonable pleasant experience. The knee is working fine, still need some fine tuning but well on the mend. THANK YOU ALL." - Lee

"Dr. Mark McGinnis is to me the best in his field. He is very attentive and cares about you. You can't find a better orthopedic surgeon than him. Thank you doctor for all you have done for me." - Susan C.

"Dr. Wilson I would like to thank you so much for my new knees. This was the best thing I ever did, and I have you to thank for getting me this way. I can never say enough about how much better I am with these new knees. Again THANK YOU for everything." - Susan M.

"Love Dr. Wilson and his staff, He has treated my husband over the years and helped diagnosis a problem my daughter had. We wouldn't go anywhere else." - Alena

"My heart felt thanks to Dr Reid Wilson & his side kick, Adam B. They took phenomenal care of me last June when I was injured in an ATV accident. It was a tough 7 weeks but they had my best interest and recovery at heart!!" - Jessica

"Dr. McGinnis really cares for his patients before and after surgery and takes the time to explain things very clearly and I recommend him to anyone whom needs care!! Two thumbs up Dr. McGinnis!!!" - Roberta