Universal Medication Form

For your own safety, fully inform your healthcare providers of the medications you are taking.

Your healthcare providers have records of what they have prescribed. However, if you are like most people you see more than one doctor. You may also take supplements and over-the-counter medications that have not been prescribed by a physician. 

Everyone who regularly takes medications should complete and carry with them a current list of all medicines. This should include herbal or vitamin supplements, a description of allergies and other medical information. You can start your list now by downloading the Owensboro Health Universal Medication Form.

This information is especially vital in the case of an emergency, when you or a loved one might not be conscious or able to fully answer questions about medications.

When To Carry The Universal Medication Form

  • Take it with you to all doctor and hospital visits and when you go for tests. Share it with your pharmacist.
  • Write down any changes to your medicines and supplements. It’s a good idea to review your form after every doctor visit.