Messages from our patients

Read the messages sent to our gastroenterology and hepatology providers on National Doctors' Day.

"Thank you for saving my life. You are the best." - Stan

"Thank you, sir, for the care and knowledge you have that has helped me still in remission for the longest time in my life." - Marjorie

"Dr. Dufrayne, thank you for always being so kind and caring. So glad to have you as my doctor." - Stephanie

"Thank you Dr. DuFrayne, (and all of the staff at the outpatient surgery department) for making my recent outpatient procedure such an easy and painless procedure. We're so fortunate to have a professional with your skills at this facility!" - Anthony

"Thank you, Dr. Davidson, for your excellent care. Happy Doctor's Day!!! :)" - Keith

"I just want to thank Brittany for being so empathetic for everything I was going through. She never made me feel ashamed or like I was a awful person. She made me feel like there are people in the medical field that aren’t judgmental of others in my situation. Thank you so much!!!" - Holly