Volunteer In Pastoral Care

Volunteer Services Update

Thank you for your interest in supporting Owensboro Health Regional Hospital as volunteer. For the safety of our volunteers, patients, staff and community, we have temporarily suspended our volunteer program. This is a proactive step to limit the spread of COVID-19.

This notice will be updated once the temporary suspension has lifted. Please continue to exercise good judgment and practice safe and healthy behaviors to keep you and your families in good health!

By volunteering in pastoral care at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, you help patients receive spiritual nourishment and comfort that encourages healing.

Volunteer Opportunities

You may feel called to serve as:

  • An initial volunteer – Visit new inpatients to learn their religious affiliation so a pastoral care staffer can coordinate spiritual care with their faith communities.
  • A Eucharistic minister – If you’re in good standing with your Catholic parish, and already a Eucharistic minister, become part of the Pastoral Care department Eucharistic minister team which ensures Holy Communion is offered daily to patients.
  • Pastoral care volunteer – Provide supportive visits to patients, families and team members in partnership with a chaplain.

Volunteer On Your Schedule

Volunteer once a month or as often as once a week. Schedule your shifts at the most convenient times for you, anywhere from 8 a.m. to Noon.

Extensive Training

You’ll feel confident and comfortable in your volunteer role thanks to our thorough, ongoing training program.

Thank-You Events

In gratitude for your service, we invite you to a Christmas brunch. Enjoy delicious food and build camaraderie with your fellow volunteers at these events.