Messages from our patients

Read the messages sent to our surgical specialists on National Doctors' Day.

"Well what a year I have had with this doctor right there by my side. I had abnormal test and thought it would be a while to see a surgeon. Dr. Decker looked at my case and saw me within three days. Which was what I needed; someone to move fast. I have an aggressive cancer that took three surgeries in 5 weeks. But he kept staying on top of it and thankful to call him one of my doctors. Thanks again and now with the help of oncologist Jacob Hodskins and Dr. Decker I am in remission right now! PTL." - Lisa 

"Thank you for being such a kind, caring provider. Have and will continue to recommend you to anyone needing a surgeon!" - Arnold

"It’s been a few years since my encounter with you, but I will still ALWAYS remember you. I wasn’t able to recover from a c-section, and after 9 months of OB and wound center visits, you listened, helped and most of all healed me (all on the first visit). I know I wouldn’t have been able to heal on my own without the surgery you gave me. I may joke with family and friends that you “saved my life”, but you truly did! I am now able to interact with my kids and have a happy life. My husband and I can’t thank you enough for listening! You made an impact on my families life and I will always remember you and recommend you to others. It’s doctors like you that make your patients know you really care and I am forever grateful. Thank you, Dr. Falcone!" - Marlee

"Dr. Glaser, I have come into your office twice with an uneasy feeling and both times you have taken the time to thoroughly educate me while showing compassion and encouragement (which can go such a long way). You also did a wonderful job with my cholecystectomy and I had a much quicker recovery then I expected! I hear other patient's bragging on you all the time in regards to your knowledge along with your great bedside manner. You are more appreciated then you probably realize! I pray God blesses you in multitude of ways!" - Felicia

"Dr. Glaser, Thank you for your care this past year. You really helped reassure me as I went through my diagnosis, surgery and recovery that all was going to be fine. I really appreciate your skill and kindness not only for myself but also for all the other patients and staff you encounter. Thank you so much!" - Lisa

"If not for the timely attention and quick surgery by Dr. Mullins, back in June 2007, I would not be here. Stage 4 Cancer is usually a death sentence, so I thank you from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head, Alan Mullins. You are a true God Send. Bless you." - Gerard

"Thank you Dr. Mullins for doing what no one else could do for me. You are my hero." - Nelda

"Dr. Mullins, thank you for the many years of care and service you have given to Donnie. Since 2005, you have been his surgeon and to his family his lifesaver. You have seen him through 2 primary and difficult cancers and the family feels what you had done for him is you gave us 6 more years with him than we probably should have had. In fact, during the last days of his life, he said those exact words. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I thank God for the wonderful and caring surgeon you are! Forever grateful," - Carla

"Dr. Nebel, thanks for being a part of my wellness. You have an excellent bedside manner, that puts a patient at ease. Always have a smile to give." - Maggie