Minimally Invasive Procedures

Dr. Mullins operating with other surgeons

Owensboro Health offers some of the most advanced minimally invasive treatment options available, including Endovascular Surgery, image-guided technology, Laparoscopy, robotic-assisted procedures and Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery.

In the skilled hands of Owensboro Health surgeons, these tools are changing healthcare in our region.


Laparoscopy describes a group of operations performed with the aid of a camera placed in the abdomen or pelvis. The Laparoscope allows doctors to perform both minor and complex surgeries with a few - or even just one - small incisions in the abdomen.

At Owensboro Health, more than 35 surgeons use Laparoscopy for general surgery, Urology and Ob-Gyn Procedures. Ask your physician if Laparoscopy is right for you.

Endovascular Surgery

Endovascular surgeons use X-ray technology to guide a Catheter through a small incision and into a patient's blood vessels, minimizing pain and complications.

Owensboro Health surgeons are experts in procedures such as Balloon Stent Angioplasty and Aortic Stenting – a potentially life-saving procedure that repairs compromised Aorta Vessels before they rupture.

Our physicians use advanced robotic imaging equipment called the Artis Zeego® to perform delicate Endovascular and heart procedures with higher levels of safety and quality.

The Artis Zeego produces faster, more accurate and complete images that aid surgery and treatments. It also exposes patients and the care team to less radiation and requires lower amounts of contrast dye to be injected into patients, easing strain on kidneys.
If Endovascular Surgery is in your future, ask your doctor if the Artis Zeego System or other minimally invasive procedures are right for you.

Robotic-Assisted Surgery

During robotic surgery, a physician operates using a computer that remotely controls small instruments attached to a robot. The surgeon is stationed at a console nearby and from there directs the robot’s movements.

Owensboro Health purchased its first da Vinci® in July 2009 and added a second, identical system in August 2010 — making us the only single hospital in Kentucky with two da Vinci® Si systems and a dual console. Owensboro Health surgeons have performed more than 500 successful robotic surgeries with the da Vinci® system.

Image-Guided Technology

Surgeons at Owensboro Health are treating patients using the most advanced image-guided navigation systems available. Our surgeons use virtual 3-D technology for precise images that greatly increase safety and accuracy for delicate procedures like sinus surgeries or the removal of brain tumors.

With image-guided technology, Owensboro Health surgeons can view a patient's sinus structure or brain anatomy, enabling them to operate in complex areas of the head and neck with greater confidence.

If head or Neck Surgery is in your future, ask your surgeon if you’re a candidate for a 3-D image-guided procedure.

Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery

Video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) allows Owensboro Health surgeons to look and work inside the chest cavity via just a few small incisions. This technology is used to treat collapsed lungs, diagnose infections and remove and test masses for cancer.

If a thoracic procedure is in your future, ask your surgeon if video-assisted surgery is right for you.