Preparing For Surgery

Rely on the team at Owensboro Health to provide top-quality care before, during and after your surgery. You can help your procedure go smoothly by following your doctor’s instructions on how to prepare.

Designate a Responsible Adult

No matter how healthy or independent you are, you’ll need help getting home and recovering after surgery. That’s why it’s important to ask a family member or friend to serve as your “responsible adult.” He or she will:

  • Accompany you, at your request, to your preadmission visit
  • Drive you to the hospital for surgery
  • Be available during and after surgery to consult with your surgeon as needed
  • Drive you home after surgery
  • Help with post-surgical treatments or medications and keep you moving safely around your home

If you’re not comfortable asking a friend or family member to be your “responsible adult,” ask your preadmission nurse about other options during your preadmission visit.

How to Prepare for Surgery

Preregister for Your Stay

Follow these guidelines to help ensure the best outcome from your surgical procedure.

Days Before Surgery

  • Attend your preadmission visit
  • 5 Days Before Surgery (not including colonoscopy or upper endoscopy) – Bathe or shower twice daily with antibacterial soap
  • Call your doctor if you cannot keep your scheduled surgical appointment
  • Call your doctor if you experience a fever, chest congestion, the flu or a skin infection

Colonoscopy Preparation Instructions

The Day Before Surgery

  • Stop smoking
  • Stop drinking alcohol 24 hours before surgery
  • Don’t eat spicy or heavy foods
  • Don’t eat or drink anything after midnight, unless instructed by your nurse or physician - this includes water, coffee, gum and mints

The Morning of Surgery

  • Take medications only as instructed by your physician or preadmission nurse
  • Don’t use lotions or powders
  • Dress in loose, comfortable clothing. Don’t wear make-up. Remove all jewelry
  • If you need corrective lenses, wear eyeglasses instead of contact lenses

Check in for Your Surgery

On the morning of your surgery, arrive at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital or your designated surgical facility at the time provided on your instructions from your doctor. 

For surgical procedures performed at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, park in lot A for patients and visitors and use the main entrance. Take the elevator to the second floor and exit to the right. Take the first hallway on the right to the Prep and Recovery Admitting Desk. Your family and friends will wait in this area while you’re in surgery. Children younger than 12 are not allowed.

What to Bring to the Hospital

Bring only necessary items to the hospital on the day of your procedure. You’ll need:

  • Information provided by the surgeon or the preadmission center
  • Cases for contact lenses, glasses or dentures
  • Your CPAP device, if you have one and will be staying overnight

Please leave valuables at home. Your designated responsible adult will hold your belongings while you’re in surgery.

Meet With Your Surgical Team

Before your surgery, you’ll meet with a nurse, your surgeon and your anesthesia provider. Your care team will answer any remaining questions and prepare you for surgery. Your surgeon may mark your surgical site. You’ll also receive any necessary medications.