Nurse Residency Program

The nurse residency program at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital will help prepare new registered nurse graduates throughout their first year to provide the highest quality care as they integrate into one of the leading healthcare providers in the region.

  • Role Transition - Nurse Residency meets weekly during the orientation period for six 8-hour sessions which include didactic content, case studies, and simulation. Topics include (but are not limited to) cardiac arrest, critical thinking, diabetes, chest tubes, infection prevention, delirium, CHF, acute MI, blood administration, sepsis, abuse/neglect, emergency codes, lab draws, death, KODA and professional growth.
  • Role Integration - Upon completion of the six sessions (occurring simultaneously with unit-based orientation), the novice nurse will attend four quarterly workshops which will continue to support and encourage our new RN’s. Topics include professionalism, stress management, ethics/diversity, and accreditation/shared governance.

The Nurse Residency Program also prepares new RN’s to apply for and participate in the Nursing Professional Advancement Program.

Join the Program

May 2021 Grads

In order to participate in the Nurse Residency Program at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital you must start employment on or before July 6 as a Registered Nurse or Registered Nurse Applicant.

Cohort Schedule

May 2021 Graduates

Cohort 22 

Group A:

  1. May 25
  2. June 1
  3. June 8
  4. June 15
  5. June 22
  6. June 29

Group B:

  1. July 13
  2. July 20
  3. July 27
  4. August 3
  5. August 10
  6. August 17
  • Workshop I: November 11 or 18
  • Workshop II: January 5 or 6 (2022)
  • Workshop III: April 13 or 14 (2022)
  • Workshop IV: June 1 or 2 (2022)

Nursing Recruitment Team

Michelle Kavanaugh

Michelle Kavanaugh, RN, BSN
Email: Michelle.Kavanaugh

Areas of expertise

  • Educational Assistance Program
  • Last Semester Tuition Reimbursement
  • Nursing Professional Advancement Program
  • Nurse Residency Program

LeAnne Mann

LeAnne Mann
Email: Leanne.Mann

Areas of expertise

  • Bariatrics
  • Call Center
  • Cardiac Services (including Critical Care)
  • Case Management
  • Clinical Support
  • Maternity Services
  • Pastoral Care
  • Quality & Patient Safety
  • Surgical Services

Nolan Wimsatt

Nolan Wimsatt
Email: Nolan.Wimsatt

Areas of expertise

  • Emergency Department
  • Behavioral Health
  • Extended Care Services
  • Medical-Surgical Services
  • Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center
  • Observation Medical
  • Wound Healing

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