At Owensboro Health, our goal is to make it easy for you to understand and pay your bill. A list of all pricing information for Owensboro Health Regional Hospital can be viewed in person at the Owensboro Health Business Center or online on our Pricing Information page.

Payment Methods


Pay your bill online, choose a location below.

Do you have a MyChart account? Login to view billing statements and pay balances or copays.

By Phone

You Can Pay Your Bill Over The Phone Using The Following:

  • Check (account number and routing number required)
  • Credit or debit card

Billing Customer Service – 270-685-7500

By Mail

Mail Check Payments To:

Owensboro Health
P.O. Box 22600
Owensboro, KY 42304

Payment Options

  • Personal check or traveler’s check
  • Money order
  • Debit and credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express)

Check your statement for details about payment-plan options, prompt-payment discounts, and more.

Our Approach

Owensboro Health simplifies the billing process for you. Our approach includes:

Understanding Your Bill

Filing Your Claim

  • After your visit to Owensboro Health, we submit a bill (also referred to as a claim) to your insurance company. Your claim lists the hospital services you received during your stay.
  • You’ll receive a letter confirming the information on the claim. This letter is NOT a bill.
  • Once your insurance pays its portion of the bill, you may receive a report called an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that shows how the claim was paid.
  • Owensboro Health will then send you a bill for the remaining balance.

Why Do I Have Multiple Bills

Your total bill may actually arrive as several smaller bills, broken down by individual services performed, such as:

  • Emergency (if you were seen in the Emergency Department, picked up by an ambulance, etc.)
  • Pathology (laboratory tests for biopsies, infections or disease identification and staging)
  • Anesthesia (if you were put under anesthesia for surgery or another procedure)
  • Radiology (any X-rays, MRIs or other scans performed)

These bills may come from different providers and may be sent separately from your Owensboro Health bill. For example, you may receive a radiology bill from the lab that processed your X-rays, or an ambulance bill from the company that transported you to the hospital. While this may seem confusing, it’s necessary. This allows each provider to ensure payment for the specific services they provided.

Other Charges You May See

  • Provider charges – In most cases, Owensboro Health providers are employed independently and generate their own bills for services they perform.
  • Consultation charges – Your provider may consult with a specialist or other providers to help them treat your condition. One example may be a Radiologist who interprets X-ray results or a Pathologist who interprets lab results. Their charges are billed separately even though you may not have been seen directly by the consulting provider.
  • Hospital charges – You may receive a bill from Owensboro Health that covers many different styles of services. Examples include surgical and testing procedures, pharmacy, medical supplies, nursing services and therapy.

Contact Us

For answers to your billing questions call 270-685-7500.

Payment Centers

Owensboro Health Business Center building

Owensboro Health Business Center
2511 Frederica St.
Owensboro, KY 42301

*Main entrance, then right

Owensboro Health Regional Hospital building
Owensboro Health Regional Hospital

1201 Pleasant Valley Road
Owensboro, KY 42303

*Main entrance, then behind the information desk

Help With Your Bill

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Owensboro Health Financial Assistance Program exists to help you understand your bill.

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