Quality Measures at Regional Rehabilitation Center

Our purpose as a provider of rehabilitation is to restore function, quality of life and independence to those with physical impairments.

Admissions: FY21

Stroke: 110
Traumatic Brain Injury: 20
Non-Traumatic Brain Injury: 19
Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: 5
Non-Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: 16
Neurological: 32
Fractures: 54
Joint Replacement: 6
Other Ortho: 25
Amputation: 18
Pulmonary: 6
Debility: 62
Cardiac: 30
Miscellaneous: 13
Total: 416

Measuring your progress

Medicare Functional Quality Measures is a set of skills that are assessed for everyone that is a patient in an inpatient rehabilitation center. They include things related to self-care like bathing, dressing, and eating. They also include things related to mobility like moving around in bed, standing up, moving to a chair or commode, walking or using a wheelchair, picking up something from the floor, climbing a curb or a set of stairs. These skills are tested in your first few days and in your last few days to measure your progress.

Coding Scale

06 – Independent
05 – Setup or clean-up assistance
04 – Supervision or touching assistance
03 – Partial/moderate assistance
02 – Substantial/maximal assistance
01 – Dependent

By the Numbers FY21

Patients Treated: 416
Average Age: 69 
Average Length of Stay: 12 Days 
Average Number of Therapy Hours Daily: 3.2 Hours 
Discharge to Home/Community: 85.6%

Patient Experience FY21

Our patients rate us in the top 10% of Rehab Facilities

  • Nurse Understanding and Caring
  • Doctor Understanding and Caring
  • Staff Courtesy and Friendliness
  • Discharge Process
  • Likelihood of Recommending to Friends and Family

Quality Measures

Download the "All Diagnosis" Medicare Functional Quality Measures Report (PDF)