Regional Rehabilitation Center

Following a serious injury or illness, increase your functioning and independence with help from the Regional Rehabilitation Center at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital. You’ll get intensive therapy in an inpatient setting and receive personalized care from expert staff available 24/7. And because we’re accredited by The Joint Commission and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), you can trust us for top-quality services.

Who Does Inpatient Rehab Benefit?

You may benefit from the Regional Rehabilitation Center if you face difficulties walking or completing daily tasks due to any condition, including:

Intensive Therapy

If you’re admitted to the Regional Rehabilitation Center, you’ll get at least two of these three types of therapy:

  • Occupational therapy – Shows you how to more easily complete daily tasks
  • Physical therapy – Teaches you how to move more fully and comfortably, sometimes with assistance from our anti-gravity tr
  • Speech-language therapy – Helps you improve your thinking, communication and swallowing skills

You’ll participate in three hours of therapy five days a week.

Multidisciplinary Care Team

At the Regional Rehabilitation Center, you’ll get well-rounded services from a variety of medical professionals. Depending on your needs, your team may include:

  • Rehabilitation physician – Leads your medical care providers
  • Case manager – Coordinates your care
  • Nurses – Help fulfill your everyday health needs
  • Recreational therapist – Uses fun activities to enhance your functioning
  • Registered dietitian – Offers personalized recommendations for getting better by eating well
  • Neuropsychologist – Diagnoses issues with memory, reasoning and behavior
  • Pharmacist – Makes sure you receive the right medications at the right doses
  • Social worker – Assists with social, emotional, and financial concerns and coordinates discharge planning
  • Chaplain – Provides Pastoral Care

Helping You Meet Your Goals

Upon admission, you’ll work with a rehabilitation physician and a therapist to develop goals that you’ll work toward in the following days and weeks. Your care team will closely assess your progress and help you and your family determine when it’s safe for you to return home. We’ll evaluate your home environment, if necessary, and recommend adaptive equipment, home care and/or outpatient therapy at Healthpark or Multicare to help you continue your progress.

Transitional Care Center

If you or your loved one needs short-term skilled nursing care, consider our high-quality Transitional Care Center

Start Your Recovery

Find out whether the Regional Rehabilitation Center is right for you or your loved one. Request a tour of the center, located on the fourth floor of Owensboro Health Regional Hospital.

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