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What's On Your TV?

television screenWatch TV

On the Menu, Press *Back to watch regular TV.

Channel Guide

The channel guide can be found on Channel 3.

Meals & Room Temperature

  • Meal Menu - Learn about your meal options and how to order.
  • Temperature - Manage your room’s temperature.

TV & More

Go to your FREE entertainment options including

  • TV Channels - Find your favorite shows.
    • See Arts & Healing programming on Channel 31
  • Free Movies - Family friendly movies are available on demand.
  • Relaxation & Spiritual - Access to natural world programming & religious content.
  • Education Library - Enjoy on-­demand access to our full education library.
  • Sleep Timer - Set your TV to turn off at a time you choose.

Your Care

Find important information about your stay in our hospital.

  • Care Team & Schedule - Review who your Care Team members are & your upcoming schedule.
  • Your Education - Watch educational videos specific to your condition.
  • Patient Guide - Review your role as a patient and safety tips.
  • Common Questions - Get answers to commonly asked questions from our patients & families.
  • Going Home - Prepare yourself to leave the hospital and care for yourself.

Owensboro Health

Find important information about our hospital and services provided

  • Hospital Information - Find out our hospital and services provided.
  • Hospital Services - Additional services through our hospital and healthcare system.
  • Support Groups - Learn more about the different support groups available with us.
  • Patient Feedback - Provide us with your feedback about your stay.
  • Gift Shop - Learn about our gift shop and the items provided.
  • Foundation - Read about our foundation and how to support their activities.

Quick Tips For Getting Around

  • Press the yellow MENU button at any time to go to the Main Menu.
  • Use the four arrow keys to move through the menus.
  • To select an option, highlight it using the arrow keys and press the SELECT button or simply press the corresponding number key.
  • To view your education or a movie, press the SELECT button on your highlighted choice.
  • While a video is playing, use the SELECT button and the right and left arrows to skip forward, skip backward, pause, and exit movies. Note: You may not be allowed to skip forward during educational videos.
  • To access TV channels from the Main Menu, press the *BACK button.
  • Once you have exited the menus, you can change TV channels by pressing the channel up/down button or entering the channel number you want.
  • For a full channel listing and program guide please go to channel 3 in your channel lineup.