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Messages from our patients

Read the messages sent to our family medicine providers on National Doctors' Day.

"Dr. McGhee, you have helped me through some serious medical situations since 2010. I want to thank you for being such a kind caring person and a caring and knowledgeable doctor. God Bless You." - Maurice

"I can't begin to express how much I appreciate you & the care you deliver to me and my whole family. We are blessed to have such a caring & knowledgeable provider. Thanking you just doesn't seem like enough."  - Marilyn

"Thank you so much for being so pleasant on the phone whenever you are called from the call center. I remember one day in particular when I was in training and almost in tears and you gave me a compliment at just the right moment. You used to be my daughter's pediatrician years ago and she loved you because you had this way of making her not feel so afraid. God Bless You for using your gifts to help and encourage others." - Karen

"Dr. Keeley, Happy Doctor's Day! You are always appreciated and loved by your patients! I appreciate you and all you do each and every day. I appreciate you taking care of me and my family and the time and energy that you put into caring for others!" - Jon

"Thank you for always taking care of me. Your compassion, kindness, and willingness to listen and explain is always appreciated. You rock!" - Kellie

"Dr. Farmer, Thank you for being such an outstanding physician. I can always count on you to go that extra mile to listen to my complaints, moans, and groans. I not only consider you the best family practice doctor there is, but I also count you as a friend. You have been there when I needed to unload my life situations. Thank you so much! You seem to realize that all illnesses are not physical. My only regret is that you can't care for me when I am hospitalized! Keep up the good work and never forget to care about your persons as individuals." - Deborah

"Dr. Farmer, thank you so much for many years of excellent service. You are always kind and make sure that I have a full understanding before I leave the office and I appreciate that." - Barbara

"I am so thankful that I have a doctor who cares for me and his patients. Thank you Dr. Farmer for caring for me." - Emma

"Thank you Dr. Tackett for your compassion, your willingness to always listen, your response when I have questions. Wish there were more like you." - Mildred

"Wayne and I would like to say “Thank you” and Happy Caregivers Day Dr. Farmer! God bless." - Vicky

"Thank you for your care for my husband and I for the last 19 years. You are the best!!" - Betty

"Thank you Dr. Hass for being so helpful and supportive after my father died. Your kindness was appreciated more than you will know. I felt comfortable as you reassured me. And you gave me resources in the community as a support system too. Thank you so much." - Loretta

"Dr. Keeley, thank you for the care and concern you have given me over the years. Your compassion for me during difficult family issues did not go unnoticed. Thank you so much." - Loretta

"Thank you so much Jeana for being so awesome! You always take good care of me and Braxton! I can come to you with anything and you are always willing to do whatever I need! YOU ROCK!!!" - Amanda

"I just want to thank Dr. John Farmer on this special day for your exceptional care, dedication, communication and compassion for your patients. It means a lot to me that I have a PCP who knows his stuff and listens. Your professionalism is beyond measure. I am truly grateful and blessed to have you as my PCP, who has seen me at my worst and best. Your are the best! Happy Doctors Day!" - Mary

"I really appreciate Dodie and the cares she provides, especially during the latest battle with the flu. She kept following up with my condition to assure the proper treatment was provided. And under her leadership are the finest of staff. Her nurse Lisa, as well as the entire staff, follow Dodie's lead concerning patient care and compassion. Confidence is the important key to a patient/physician relationship and this is a value that held in the highest esteem by Dodie. Thanks guys for everything and best wishes in the future." - Harry

"Dr. Tackett, thank you so much for your care. You take the time to listen and work so hard on my many health issues. I truly appreciate you." - Doyal

"Thank you for always taking the extra time and never busy to listen. We feel you're an excellent doctor and proud your our doctor. We feel we can talk toy and trust your judgment in whatever the need." - Kent and Lisa

"Dr. Farmer, thank you so much for being there for me, I do not know what I would have done without you at certain times in my life. We have be doctor and patient for almost 20 years and you have never let me down. You listen to me and that is so important. God Bless you as I know he has, thank You again." - Carol

"Thank you Dr. Tackett for taking care of Bill and myself. I’ll never forget the time when Bill was so sick in your office and you rode in the ambulance to care for him during his ride to the hospital. You went the extra mile to ensure his safety. God bless you and your practice, Dr. Mark. We are honored to have you as our family doctor." - Ann

"Ben Keeley does a great job. Always takes time to listen and ask questions. Thank you Ben!!!" - Robert

I'm not sure where to begin because there are so many wonderful doctors at Owensboro Health. I have to mention Dr. Bob Holzknecht for the many times he has also treated me many times. He has helped me as well through many tough days and he has a gift to listen and care. The entire staff from the front desk to each nurse are always kind!!!! There are many doctors that work for OHS that are wonderful!!! We are blessed and thankful this facility is in our community!! - Denise

"Dr. Keeley, thank you for taking care of me for all of these years. I have always felt that whatever odd illness or event I might have you would know how to take care of me. Thank you so much and know that you truly do make a difference every single day!!" - Cyrilla

"Dr. Keeley, thank you for always giving me amazing care for the past 18 years I have seen you. You are such a kind, patient, and caring man and doctor. I am so thankful to have you taking care of my complicated health. You are truly amazing and been a God send to my family and I. Again, thank you for all you have done." - Kasey

"Best doctor ever! We appreciate your kindness and concern for your patients!" - Marisa

Can’t thank you enough for the expertise & care you have provided! - Betty H.

"Candace, thanks for your caring bedside manner and your interest in my health and the health of my family! I appreciate you!" - Bob

"I just want to send a special thanks to you for always listening and providing the answers I need. I can ask questions out of your field of care, but you still find the answers or direct me to someone who can. You are truly an amazing person and I hope you never leave the Owensboro area. Thanks for your service." - Stephanie

Thank you Tisha Higgs for everything you've done for me in providing care and great advice for my health. Everything you've done for me has been really great. God bless and happy national doctors day...your patient," - Bradley

"Tisha, thank you for always taking the time to listen to all my issues no matter what time of day! You take such good care of me. Always so professional yet friendly as well. Thanks to your staff for always being so kind. I look forward to my visits now! Thank you." - Christy 

"I want to THANK YOU for taking good care of me YOU are GREAT and I Appreciate YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Deborah

Doctor, I thank you for your thoughtfulness and thoroughness as you treated me and the time that you spent with me. It was a privilege to have been seen by you." - Malcolm

"Dr. Bob, thank you for the excellent care you have provided over the many years we've been acquainted. We have run the full gamete from asthma to whatever! I not only count you as my emergency doctor, but I count you as a friend! Keep up the good work and God bless!" - Deborah M.

"Dr. Bob, we just want to thank you for always making Clayton feel so special!! You definitely are his favorite. He gets mad when we have to go to a different health system and actually see his pediatrician. He says no, no, Dr. Bob. Not only does he talk about you there, but at home too. The puppy was sick last week and he said let’s take Mille to see Doc Bob! Lol!! You and your staff have definitely made a impact on Clayton and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! Happy Doctor Day Bob!!! Sincerely your favorite patient," - Clayton E.

"Lisa, thank you so much for all the wonderful care and help you've given to me over the years. You have always listened, found open appointments when life's little emergencies have come up, and for all the answered text messages, thank you doesn't seem to be enough. You have a true God given talent that shines through in the care you give to your patients. I appreciate and love you so much. God bless you!!!" - Jacqueline

"Thank you Dr. McGhee for all you done for Monta and all the kindness you showed us both, your prayers and your caring and for always taking the best care of both of us." - Judy

"You are always there for me girl. I cannot express how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. You are always ready to lend an ear and really listen to me. Thanks for all you do, for everyone, even the fur babies." - Gay C.

"I am so very happy to have found you. You are one of the best!!!!! Thanking you," - Teresa

"Thank you for your excellent health care. Happy Doctor's Day!!! :)" - Keith

"I thank Dr. McKindles for her excellent care. She is very thorough, efficient and kind which makes going to the doctor easy." - Lee Ann