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Hello Members,

I am excited to welcome the spring season! The days bring the hope of warmer temperatures, more daylight hours and the regional landscape in bloom. This is the time of year I also begin planning some of my running and walking outside. These exercise sessions are a way to unwind, get fresh air and sometimes enjoy the time with friends. It is always easier to be more accountable when you have a workout partner. Plus it makes the time much more enjoyable.

We are seeing an opportunity to increase the volumes in our fitness center and wellness classes. Masks are still a requirement at all times in the facility and the visit limit remains at 90 minutes. As more of our community becomes vaccinated and the number of COVID cases decrease, we anticipate being able to continue to increase capacity limits and bring back additional programming. It has been great to see our members and participants return to the facility. We are excited to see you!

Throughout this newsletter you will find a variety of programs that may interest you. It may be the time for you to consider a new class or begin to schedule physical activity on your weekly calendar to ensure it’s a priority for you! Whatever you chose to do, be sure to make your own health and wellness an important part of your daily plan. Take the time to “spring your self care forward.” Don’t hesitate to let us know if any of our team members can help make it happen.

Collette Carter

Collette Carter, Director of the Healthpark

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