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Make Your Calendar! We will be featuring a new FREE Walk with a Doc event on the third Thursday of each month starting at 5:30pm!

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FREE Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription

The FITNESS ASSESSMENT is a series of tests where we measure Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure, BMI, Body Composition, Strength and Endurance, and Flexibility. We’ll explain each test, how you did and how we can help you improve. We’ll discuss your goals, the time you have to exercise, and anything else that will help us to come up with an exercise program specifically for you.

Nick Jones
Fitness Supervisor

The next step is the EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION where your fitness coach walks you through the exercise plan - from how to perform each exercise, duration, how much weight to use, how many sets, reps, and any other details. The end result will be a workout plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Take advantage of this service & be your best self in 2017!

We have degreed and certified medical-based fitness professionals working with you. You can find them working on the fitness center floor at any time!

If you would like to schedule an assessment, please stop by the front desk to make an appointment, or for more questions, feel free to talk to any staff person on the fitness center floor or Nick Jones, Fitness Supervisor.

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Target Heart Rate Calculator

During exercise, you want to elevate your heart rate to strengthen your heart while avoiding rates that endanger it.

Use our Target Heart Rate Calculator to find the safe heart rate for people your age during exercise. If you're beginning an exercise program, aim for the low end of this range. If you’ve been exercising for a while, you can aim for a higher target rate.